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dipo Meet friends.

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jake Dare to be happy every day.

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Guest #27723774

Guest #27723774 smile You must be at least 18 years old to download and use Paltalk Scene, because there is some mature content that canĀ“t be viewed by minors.

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Guest #23722961

Guest #23722961 paltalk is very good voice chat.i like it

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John Version 06-22-06 bugs found:
1) When I compile a plan, and then try it again, it tryies to recompile file that was already comiled and this result is error.
There is no reason to do the comilation twice, but if a beginner make this fault, so he gets is trouble. After the second compilation I had some other problems... And solved them with deleting the file and do it all again. I just want to say, the should be mechanism not to do the compilation twice or to remove the bug that is in the repeated compilation.
2) This bug is strange. Yesterday I did my first compilation and I flight IFR with the AI aircraft in the game. Works nice. But, today mornning when I started the Traffic changer, the setup says there is not FS9 dirrectory found. Well, I tried to setup all folder again, but did not help. FS9 folder not found. I can import airposrt from FS so program knows where the FS9 dirrectory is. What could cause this problem and how to repair it. I think there must be some file/bad information created by Traffic changer. I think I will reinstall it but try to remove this bugs.

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Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan When does this go out of support?

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